YoMiWoE – Newsletters on young migrant women, their rights and the realization of those rights in European countries


  • To develop policy and practical responses to situations of discrimination and intolerance affecting youth migrants women (racism, xenophobia and misogyny).
  • To enhance the participation of youth migrants women and to ensure appropriate follow up to the recommendation on the promotion of the participation of minority youth.
  • To foster equal opportunities for young migrants women by providing exchange of knowledge and practice and by supporting the development of a sense of solidarity.
  • To further explore responses to the challenges to have access to employment of young women migrants.
  • To defend the dignity of migrants, legally or illegally arrived and the solidarity between European citizens.


  • Newsletter – Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Newsletter – Trafficking and Smuggling
  • Newsletter – Labour


Publication of 3 newsletters on issues regarding young migrant women in Europe:

  • Labour conditions
  • Trafficking and smuggling
  • Refugees and asylum seekers


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • BNCYTP Bulgarian Network For The Prevention Of Trafficking In Children And Young People (Bulgaria)
  • REDE- The Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality (Portugal)
  • EMNYTP- Euromed Network for Youth Trafficking Prevention (Greece)

Info & contacts

Date of project

01/01/2009 – 20/06/2009

Department and Unit

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