VIGILA ET PROTEGE – To search and protect unaccompanied minors through the S.I.S. II ‘fight against invisibility’


  • To fight against the phenomenon of “invisible minors”, which are unaccompanied minors who escape from custodial/educational centres without repatriation requests, by improving SIS (Schengen Information System)
  • To identify international good practices to contrast with the phenomenon of missing minors


  • Handbook: To search and protect unaccompanied minors – fight against invisibility: common procedures to enhance unaccompanied missing minors searches through the use of SIS II; Good Practices and lists of recommendations to carry out appropriate measures to strengthen international cooperation on sensitive issues, such as protection and repatriation of missing unaccompanied minors [en|it]
  • Realization of IT solutions to improve the unaccompanied missing minors alert system


  • 13 International study visits among police advisors from Schengen countries and staff of custodial centres
  • 10 National workshops for police advisors to discuss about the phenomenon of missing unaccompanied minors
  • International workshop to analyze the results of the study visits
  • International workshop to share International good practices for fighting against the phenomenon of unaccompanied missing minors
  • 2 International conferences to share the results of the workshops and to present the Italian approach to the phenomenon of missing minors


  • Coordinator: Central Criminal Police Directorate (Italy)
  • International Police Cooperation DEPT Latvia (Latvia)
  • International Relation Unit of Malta (Malta)
  • International operational cooperation directorate of Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • Secretary general of the international security system (Portugal)
  • OSCE organization for security and cooperation in Europe (Austria)

Info & contacts

Date of the project

16/09/2013 – 15/09/2014

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