TO BE OR TO APPEAR – Gender stereotypes in EU medias

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TO BE OR TO APPEAR – Gender stereotypes in EU medias

TO BE OR TO APPEAR – Gender stereotypes in EU medias

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This documentary project was aimed to analyse and compare gender images in four different European countries: Portugal, United Kingdom, Estonia and Italy, and aimed to be a tool to aware youngsters about the “real” gender equality. Specific objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the need of gender equality among youngsters
  • To empower young people to be actors in preventing all forms of violence
  • To encourage youth to promote intercultural dialogue and respect for cultural difference
  • To promote youth participation and democratic citizenship
  • Research on gender representation at national level
  • Documentary realization on gender stereotypes in the European Medias and the consequences on violence in the ordinary life (e.g. diseases like anorexia and bulimia)
  • Dissemination activities have been done using the produced material of information for awareness campaigns with young people (in the universities, grammars school, associations)
  • University Conference “The new Trend of Communication”. Collaboration with the University of Palermo and ADV Group (Advertising) of Palermo and sponsored by the Regional District of Palermo
  • Documentary ‘Gender Stereotypes in EU Medias‘
  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Generating Ideas (Estonia)
  • E2000 (United Kingdom)
  • GENATHLON, Center for the Interdisciplinary Approach of Human and Natural Systems (Greece)

Date of project: 01/04/2006 – 30/09/2006

Institution of reference: Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation, Category B