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  • To encourage specific volunteering actions in response to two very critical areas of the City of Palermo, educational poverty and the reception of migrants.
  • To create a system for research, allocation and quality enhancement of volunteering services.
  • To foster the cooperation among organisations and profiled volunteers according to specific skills.


  • Mapping of organisations interested in offering volunteering experiences.
  • Organising Focus-groups with leading organisations in analysing skills and competences as required by volunteers willing to be involved in volunteering pathways.
  • Developing a platform for mapping, recruiting and matching between organisations and volunteers.
  • Offering training pathways for host organisations and volunteers on different project areas.
  • Providing assessment paths and recognition of acquired skills.
  • Campaigning and awareness raising events for active citizenship: “Festival of participation” and “Citizens in Movement”.


  • Online platform as virtual place for accreditation of organisations and volunteers, allowing precise matching between volunteering and demand. The platform also allows the circulation and exchange of ideas and good practices related to the world of collaborative economics.
  • Set of materials and training activities for organisations and future volunteers in the field of educational poverty and migrant reception.
  • 100 activated and complete profile match between organisations/service providers and volunteers.
  • 50 active Action-Support-Groups.
  • 100 Skills booklets, certification templates and volunteers’ skills recognition.


The project  is supported by Fondazione CON IL SUD and promoted by Per Esempio in partnership with ASCCCESIEDepartment of Participation and Mobility of Municipality of PalermoLibera PalermoSEND and with the Dipartment of Psychological, Pedagogical and Education Sciences of the University of Palermo.

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/01/2018 – 31/12/2019

DG of reference

Fondazione CON IL SUD, WITH PARTICIPATION OF THE SOUTH – The Volunteering Promotion Initiative




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