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  • To support a comprehensive approach and specific educative actions to address discrimination and inequality experienced on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics in school;
  • To integrate sensitivity for sexual and gender diversity in secondary schools;
  • To empower teachers to start educating about gender issues and on how to deal with potential conflicts arising from this;
  • To inform and mentor parents to understand, tolerate, and accept sexual and gender diversity.


  • Desk research and need analysis with students, teachers, and parents to understand the specific needs regarding gender and sexual inclusivity;
  • Development of a compendium of activities for teachers to conduct in the classroom to integrate sensitivity to the project topics;
  • Creation of a teacher guide to support teachers in handling sensitive questions that may arise during sexual diversity education activities;
  • Development of a handbook for parents with activities on how to discuss and understand gender and sexual diversity and to involve them in the educative process;
  • Organization of an international training mobility for teachers to acquire the skills and tools proposed;
  • Piloting and evaluation sessions of the activities developed with students, teachers, and parents.


  • Teacher manual: compendium of activities to conduct in the classroom;
  • Teacher guide: how to handle sensitive questions during sexual diversity education activities;
  • My ID-Reader for secondary education: exploring complex concepts and situations;
  • Manual on how to reach out and work with parents;
  • Handbook for parents: compendium of activities on how to discuss and understand sexual diversity;
  • Project’s brochure.


  • 350 students involved in classroom activities,
  • 130 teachers involved in the training process and in the piloting sessions,
  • 200 parents involved in the workshops,
  • 100 decision makers and school leaders involved in the My-ID events,
  • 1000 stakeholders reached through newsletters.


Il progetto

My-ID – My Identity, My Idea to be Myself

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

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KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education


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