Theatre as tool for inclusion and ESL prevention: DREAMS Italian final event

Friday 4 June 2021

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The DREAMS Trip is almost come to the end. It has been a unique adventure for all those who took part in it. With the use of theatrical techniques such as Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, the Trip brought us to the discovery of values like diversity, solidarity, friendship and, most of all, made us think about the importance of school education.

On July the 3rd 2021, the project final national event took place in Partinico with the aim to share the achieved results and testify the acquired knowledges. Students and teachers of the Cassarà-Guida Institute, partner school and active protagonist of the project, together with CESIE, have been hosted by the Danilo Dolci secondary school.

Video stories of the project’s activities have been showed during the event to teachers, students and parents, who has been involved as “spectactors” in a small play by the Cassarà-Guida students. The event has been a best practices exchange opportunity for the two institutes, as well as an exchange of different experiences, linked by two important elements: inclusion and theatre. In fact, the Danilo Dolci institute, involved disabled students in a online theatre programme staging “La giara” on Google meet. The performance has been published on the school Facebook page:

The event showed that, through theatre, young people have the opportunity to experiment and explore a new space where they can feel capable, accepted and heard. Theatre gives them the chance to better their self-image. Finally, the theatre activities at school proved to be useful to create bridges between students, parents and teachers, who successfully involved their students, placing themselves as guide and reference point in the educational path and also in the delicate moment of transition.

About the project

DREAMS – Fostering diversity in primary to secondary school transition to prevent early school leaving is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, KA2, Strategic Partnership School. The project’s main objective is to explore the needs of the students and the school community in relation to transition, with particular emphasis on gender, cultural diversity and minority groups, as well as on discrimination, bullying and any form of violence.


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