Senior Volunteering at Palermo – Discovering traditional recipes and promoting urban garden

Wednesday 10 July 2013

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to the Senior Volunteering Project “Old Recipes – New Strategies” – (LLP – Grundtvig Learning Partnerships) 6 Austrian volunteers supported various local activities aimed at promoting sustainable consumption and development.

From the very beginning they have been involved several culinary workshops, some of which organized by local young people (interested in the subject and amateur chef) and others organized by experienced chefs and promoters of traditional cuisine. Volunteers were actively involved in the preparation, cooking and tasting phases of Sicilian traditional dishes, getting to know their origins, historical influences and multiplicity arts of cooking them.

In addition to taste the traditional dishes, volunteers helped in the production of organic vegetables in urban gardens at their startup phase. Their participation was inspiring for the local staff and volunteers that aims to make aware the local community on the importance and benefits of the consumption of organic products. In fact, urban gardens aim to convert local people from costumers to active producer and promoters of organic products. Senior volunteers were actively involved in this process of awareness, acquiring skills and experience useful for the future plan at home.

This active participation has fostered a mutual exchange of experience and knowledge among senior volunteers and local staff.

Moreover the project activities, the volunteers had the opportunity to visit various places in Sicily, both in the hinterland and on the coast. For the occasion, the local people (including senior Italian involved in this project) let them experienced fishing and traditional agriculture, such as the organic wheat cultivation.

Of course, senior volunteers did not waste any free time or occasion to taste traditional Sicilian food and to offer their own. In fact, they brought different typical products from Tyrol and gifts that were offered in no formal moments organized as the Pic Nic with young migrants and senior women participants of a CESIE project focused on cooking “ALCE- Appetite for learning comes with Eating”