SCORE: sport coaches for the social inclusion of immigrant women

Friday 25 June 2021

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From June 8 to 23, the SCORE online training course for sports coaches was successfully held. During the training course the participants had the opportunity to learn about social inclusion and diversity management in the field of sport.

During the training course we discussed new strategies for the active involvement of local and immigrant women in sports activities and we shared ideas to establish a constructive dialogue between sports instructors and immigrant and refugee women.

Sport instructors who took part in the SCORE training course had the opportunity to enroll themselves in the SCORE web-tool, an online platform that allows users to attend a self-learning course about diversity management in the field of sport through the training materials produced by the partnership.

If you are also interested to enroll yourself in the web-tool contact us through the project website

The coaches involved in the training course established synergies and fruitful collaborative relationships for the implementation of intercultural sports meetings. The implementation of these sports meetings is planned for the following months with the ultimate goal of promoting tolerance, solidarity and cooperation between the immigrant women involved and the local community

About the project

SCORE is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Collaborative Partnership in the field of sport and aims to provide representatives of sports organizations with useful methodologies and tools for the inclusion of immigrant women through sports activities.


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