S.C.O.RE: Intercultural sport activities for social inclusion

Friday 26 November 2021

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In September and October, women from different cultural and social backgrounds took part in local sports activities in Turin (ASD Balon Mundial) and Palermo (Palestra Popolare Palermo).

Through the intercultural sports events local and immigrant women actively participated in intercultural grassroots sport meetings, developing fundamental interpersonal skills such as teamwork, motivation and dedication.

In this context, the sports coaches, previously trained in intercultural diversity management in the field of sport, had the opportunity to enhance their skills in managing intercultural sport teams.

Coaches and participants had the opportunity to establish positive synergies, creating the basis for a fruitful intercultural dialogue. Furthermore, the informal relationships created during these meetings enhanced the sharing of innovative and inclusive practices in the field of sport.

If you are also interested in learning new strategies for the active involvement of native and immigrant women in sports activities, enrol yourself in the SCORE webtool, an online platform that allows users to attend a self-learning course about diversity management in the field of sport through the training materials produced by the partnership.

About the project

S.C.O.RE. is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Collaborative Partnership in the field of sport and aims to provide representatives of sports organizations with useful methodologies and tools for the inclusion of immigrant women through sports activities.


For further information

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Contact Cristina Idone Befecadu: cristina.idonebefecadu@cesie.org.