Authentic Inquiry methodology with young offenders: trainers are ready to set off with RENYO!

Friday 5 July 2019

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Authentic Inquiry methodology with young offenders: trainers are ready to set off with RENYO!

5 July 2019News, Youth

There is a correlation between early school leaving and young offending. According to Save the Children, a large number of young offenders under custody has disengaged in learning. So, how to re-engage young offender in education when so many of them have a poor appreciation of the formal educational system? Can we learn to be better learners?

The RENYO project has sought to answer these questions through an innovative methodology: Authentic Inquiry. A training of educational staff of juvenile detention systems will take place later this year on the methodology in order to increase their skills and tools in re-engaging young offenders.

Authentic Inquiry is an intervention designed to build personally relevant knowledge which is useful in education. The personally relevant topic is identified by the learner, enabling greater opportunity for connection with the learning process. This is done by taking the learners’ interest through their own narratives and stories and navigating this towards the production of an ‘artefact’ such as a piece of art, poster or other product that has some external educational value. With RENYO, young offenders will be supported by a mentor to re-engage with the learning of something which is ‘authentic’ to them while acquiring new knowledge through this methodology.

In order to learn more on the methodology, the partners of RENYO and trainers from the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy met in Palermo on the 25th – 26th of June 2019 to participate in a 2-day training for trainers on Authentic Inquiry. Participants worked on the potential and challenges of the methodology in secure settings, the use of the online platform that will support the project and on how to generate positive outcomes. A 2-day meeting for the partners of RENYO followed on 27th – 28th where they discussed what has been done so far and planned the upcoming activities.

What’s next?

Once the programme of the training will be ready we will organize and implement a training course for education staff in secure settings in each partner country by the end of the year. Educators will conduct their own Authentic Inquiry and learn how to apply it with young offenders.

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About the project

RENYO – Re-engaging young offenders with education and learning is cofunded by DG EAC Erasmus+ programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.


The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

  • Coordinator: University of Gloucestershire (UK);
  • Private Fachhochschule Dresden gGmbH (Germany);
  • Fundacion Diagrama Intervencion Psicosocial (Spain);
  • Learning Emergence Partners LLP (UK);
  • CESIE (Italia).

Per ulteriori informazioni

Leggi la scheda del progetto RENYO.

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