The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

Monday 17 June 2024

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If someone asked you to capture the conflict of your city on the way from home to work, what would you photograph?

Double-row cars, fancy parking lots, pedestrian crossings. Broken pipes, dirt and debris. Falling buildings never rebuilt and murals to embellish them. These are some of the images that emerge from the vernissage of “Storytelling through Photography”, the photography workshop EU-CARES finished on May 25. The analog photography laboratory Kamera Lab welcomed for a last time its participants, whose creations were projected inside the space and exposed on the outer walls of the adjacent alley.

An opportunity to meet and celebrate the results of a heterogeneous group that has been able to use photography as a means to meet and show themselves. The portraits, taken in pairs, were striking for the expressiveness of the poses and the shots. The passers-by, intrigued, stopped and carefully admired the portraits, only to discover that the subjects were all present. This allowed the exhibition to reach a large number of people, both invited and otherwise, also providing photographers with a first opportunity to exhibit and talk about their work in public.

The cycle of the EU-CARES workshop closes, to the great satisfaction of the participants. We think of future opportunities to replicate the experiment, perhaps with more time and space, reflections and experience.

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EU CARES – EUropean Collective narratives for Reconciliation and trauma healing through youth engagement and Storytelling is a project funded by ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-CB, Erasmus+ Capacity Buildin. EU-CARES aims to empower youth workers and increase their competences to foster youth participation and engagement, intercultural understanding and solidarity and contribute to the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans through storytelling.


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Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

As part of the KRPAN project – Strengthening Research Support and Activities for Progress on European Research Projects), Živa Semolič – project officer from ZRS Koper, Slovenia – joined a dynamic study visit hosted by CESIE ETS in Palermo. Visit aimed to enhance international collaboration and gain insights into organisational processes, project development, networking, administrative and financial project management.