ENACTED comes to its conclusion with the holding of the project’s final conference

Thursday 12 January 2023

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The ENACTED European project about inclusive education concludes with the final conference held the 10th of January at the Istituto Valdese, a local entity aimed at empowering individuals by overcoming social, cultural and psycho-physical constraints.

The project partners participated in the event jointly with the European and local educational community. There was high attendance at the meeting, more than 70 people participated, which favored the discussion and the development of new synergies between the main actors involved in the topic of interest – civil society organizations and primary and secondary schools.

Istituto Valdese’s representatives had the opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives on how an inclusive school should be. This was followed by a reflection on what would be the conditions for the creation of a school system in which all members, regardless of their cultural or social background, can freely express themselves and grow together.

Quoting Anna Ponente, director of the Centro Diaconale la NOCE Istituto Valdese:

Language indirectly determines our way of thinking, as well as reflects – and modifies – the collective imagination. Inclusion is now an anachronistic concept insofar as exclusion is implicit in its definition. Instead, we should start talking about interaction.

Check out the project’s platform where you can register for free: https://enacted.eu/elearning/

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In this matter, to foster the interactions between teachers and educators to promote the exchange of good inclusive practices in the field of education, an online platform has been created as a space of interaction to share your own experiences on the topic and to learn from the experiences of other educators and teachers.

If you are a teacher, formal or informal educator or any other figure belonging to the educational community, take a look at the ENACTED project’s webpage where you can find an extensive depositary of Innovative Practices for Inclusive Education (DIPIE),  as well as a forum where you can exchange inclusive practices with other professionals from Europe.


ENACTED – European network of an active civil society for education and diversity is funded by the EACEA Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – Erasmus + program Key Action 3: Support for policy reforms.


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