Promoting collegial support for resilience and growth in education

Wednesday 18 January 2023

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Rapidly changing and challenging times place the development of supportive and resilient environments in education and the well-being of teaching staff and school leaders at the centre of attention.

Educational staff often have to face insurmountable number of tasks, while new structures, processes and procedures have to be developed and implemented, which may cause burnout, depression, misunderstandings within a team, etc.

Educational staff need increased opportunities for collegial support to best serve their students and communities, to make their work more meaningful, and to transform teaching/learning process in a way that keeps it vibrant and relevant to the ever-changing world.

Within this context, the Erasmus+ project COSERE aims to promote systematic every-day use of different internal support forms and peer-based professional development activities to make them part of schools’ culture.

Therefore, throughout 29 months, COSERE international consortium from 6 different countries – Latvia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ireland, Georgia, Italy – will implement a series of tailored actions for the development of a Handbook and an e-learning course for continuous professional development, to encourage the use of different forms of collegial and peer support for resilience and growth in education.

The involvement of key representatives of educational professionals will be accompanied by enhanced opportunities for best practices exchange and partners’ staff training, through learning visits organised in partner countries.

In the following months, partners will start working on a careful research on the current needs of educational staff to support a culture of collegial support and peer-based learning in schools.

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About the project

COSERE – Collegial Support for Resilience and Growth in Education is a project funded by Erasmus+, KA3 Support for policy reform.


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