BoysLingo: towards a more inclusive approach to language learning

Friday 5 May 2023

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The school environment is designed to be a place where education overcomes all kind of difference, and equal opportunities are provided to anyone.

However, when it comes to language learning, it seems that boys face more difficulties than girls due to a lack of motivation and innovative and targeted teaching tools aimed at increase their engagement and provide more inclusive learning contexts.

In response to this situation, the partnership of the BoysLingo project has set a very ambitious goal: to reduce the gender gap in the language field by creating inclusive gamified environments to elevate boys’ language experiences through the purposeful use of digital technologies in education and language learning.

Thus, after meeting online for the first time in January, 2023, the partnership started working on the first of the BoysLingo tools: the BoysLingo Handbook, which will include guidelines, activities and best practices for supporting upper primary and lower secondary school leaders and teachers to gain the necessary knowledge to successfully engage students in language learning for improving their language skills and benefit from applying gamified learning environments in education.

The use of gamification aspires to motivate consistent participation and long-term engagement, therefore the Handbook will equip teachers with relevant skills and knowledge on how mobile learning would support and benefit the learning experiences of their students through specific gamified environments. In May the partnership will meet again in Nicosia, Cyprus, to finetune the resources included in the Handbook and get started to deliver it in the upcoming months!

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BoysLingo – Enhancement of boys’ language skills through gamified mobile learning is financed by DG EAC, Erasmus+ Programme, KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education.


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