ArtED: The beauty of walking together towards change

Monday 2 January 2023

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The partners of the Arted project were the guests of CESIE in Palermo, a city rich in history and culture that immediately bewitched them with its charm. Arted’s second transnational meeting was pure joy, due to the co-creation of workshops and the design of Learning Events in Greece, Germany and the UK.

Together we have created, in 5 different countries, expressive arts workshops for primary and secondary school teachers, students, parents and caregivers, with a focus on creativity, well-being and change.

Thanks to Arted we want to be we want to be advocates for a change that starts in the school, and our goal is to make students protagonists of this change. CESIE brought its activities to schools, in particular with the students of IPSSEOA Pietro Piazza, who were happy to take part in the proposed initiatives, getting involved and improving their creative and communication skills.

The project is particularly interested in the link between young people’s mental well-being and the creative process: it is based on empirical evidence that creative arts can help children and teenagers feel a stronger connection, with an impact on their well-being and critical thinking (Stephenson and Dobson, 2019, Stephenson 2022). During our two-days meeting, we participated in workshops organized by Young Arts Neukölln e.V. and Interplay Theatre Trust: we used our bodies, music and movement to create a greater bond between us and repeat what we learned with the beneficiaries of the project.

About the project

ArtEd – Developing creative learning opportunities for young people across Europe is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership SCHOOL programme. It started in November 2020 and coordinated by Tom Dobson and Lisa Stephenson from the Carnegie Scho Itol of Education, Leeds Beckett University.


For further information

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Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

As part of the KRPAN project – Strengthening Research Support and Activities for Progress on European Research Projects), Živa Semolič – project officer from ZRS Koper, Slovenia – joined a dynamic study visit hosted by CESIE ETS in Palermo. Visit aimed to enhance international collaboration and gain insights into organisational processes, project development, networking, administrative and financial project management.