Training course on migration and social inclusion, in Macedonia

Tuesday 1 March 2011

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social inclusion

“Inclusion of minority youth- a tool to combat poverty and social exclusion” is a training that will take place in Stip, Macedonia from 25th /03 to 1st/04 2011.

As we enter 21st century the world faces migration as one of the biggest challenges ever where no country is left out of its involvement. Are you prepared for it? Many societies become more multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and countries and communities are challenged to face this diversity in a way that it will bring peace and respect for everybody. Would you like to be more helpful and active in this process?

If you are more than 18 years old, you are well motivated and you can communicate in English, do not lose this chance because this training course will aim to empower youth workers/leaders and volunteers to act as fighters for minority and migrant inclusion on local, national and European level by giving them different tools, methods, skills and knowledge on migration and inclusion. In the same time the project will raise the voice on migration and its effects on the young people as well as on the development goals of our countries.

The training course aims to promote integration as a non-discriminatory two-way process as a way to combat racism and discrimination and encourage inclusiveness and to raise awareness of the majority population and the public of different cultures of migrants and the need to avoid their stigmatization.

To connect organizations working on different levels within the youth field, migration and minorities; To raise the awareness about the role of minorities. And to develop necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers and to give them concrete tools and methodologies. To raise awareness about the importance of minority inclusion on local, national and European level. To promote Youth in Action program as a way to support youth minority inclusion work and create common strategy for future cooperation.

Further on you have the chance to discover a young country with a millenary history such as Macedonia.

For the participation is necessary to pay 30 € . The organisers will reimburse 70% of your travel costs from your home city to Stip, Macedonia. The organization cover your trip for the 70% until 500 € (in this case you will be covered 350 €). The extras from 500€ are up to you.

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