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Monday 9 May 2011

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in between us logoApril 2011

Selections of participants for the Grundtvig Workshop (Workshop Reference number: 2010-1-IT2-GRU13-12743) “In Between Us – Using art as a pedagogical tool” has been completed. The workshop will take place in Palermo from 7th till 15th May 2011. There will be involved 20 participants from 11 countries: Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.

The project foresees the participation in many non formal activities based on non formal education. The activities consist in seminars, country presentations, art workshops (painting & collage, photography, theater). Through these activities participants will represent the perception of sexuality of their own countries and understand how to use art as a pedagogical tool for education. Most of the methods used will be non formal although some theoretical concepts will need to combine them with more formal methods. Some of the activities will require the presence of the learners all together while for other ones they will be divided in groups.

The whole project is based on concepts like non formal education, active participation and intercultural dialogue.


May 2011

From 7 to 14 of May 2011, CESIE – Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo – is organizing a workshop for adults titled “In between us – Sexuality in Europe” .

“In between us” wants to be a creative space for discussion, multicultural and multidisciplinary interaction. The workshop aims to challenge stereotypes by proposing new approaches in order to face questions about sexuality, within a non-formal educational context, by using arts. It also aims to facilitate links between different groups involved in these questions, so that all together it can be possible to contribute to: policy: creating more effective supporting strategies to improve sex rights; arts & culture: providing one’s freedom of sex expression, LGTB and gender related questions; education: building intercultural dialogue and promoting mutual comprehension on questions related to sexuality and education. The main theme of the workshop “In between us” is sexuality analyzed through art as a pedagogical tool. All activities will be developed with a non formal education perspective, peer approach etc. The meeting agenda includes the following activities: itinerant seminar about art, culture and sexuality in Palermo, “Sexuality in Europe”, presentations of sexuality and its perception in different European countries; seminar Education & Sexuality I: family education, formal and non formal education; seminar and debate – Education & Sexuality II: sexual health education, stereotypes, LGTB; art workshops – “Self Identity & Society” (painting & collage, theatre, photography).

The participants of the workshop are young and adults from 11 countries: Belgium, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and they have different professional and educational profiles: psychologists, sociologists, artists, sex educators, students, teachers, who are all interested in applying artistic tools to face themes as sexuality, gender, sexual minority, rights, etc.

The workshop has been founded by Grundtvig sectorial program (LLP) that meets didactic and learning needs of people involved in every form of adult education, as well as institutes and organisations. The workshops will gather people coming from different countries for an innovative multinational learning experience, which is very important for one’s personal development and learning needs.

Activities open to the public:

Intercultural Evening & Aphrodisiac dinner, on Monday, May 9, 8.30 p.m., at the Convento dei Carmelitani.

Round Table “Policy and Sexuality” (sexual minority rights, equal opportunities),on Wednesday, May 11, 10 a.m., at the Convento dei Carmelitani with Titti de Simone, Luigi Carollo, Erasmo Palazzotto, Massimo Milani.

Final Exhibition “Throb of links(ex) – Sexuality in Europe” Happy Hour, Saturday, May 14, 6 p.m. at the Piazza Tavola Tonda


June 2011

“In between us” project is concluded

“In between us – sexuality in the EU”, the workshop funded by the European Commission’s Grundtvig programme (LLP – LongLife Learning Programme) is concluded.

The participants from 11 European countries debated and exchanged opinions about sexuality perception in their own country and in Europe, learning how to use non formal dynamics and art as pedagogic tool.

Especially, three artistic workshops have been organized: painting and collage (to explore their own sexuality through the senses), theatre (to analyze their own body and emotions by connecting with other people) and photography (to explore the complexity of the human body through creative photos).

The artistic workshop sessions have been divided into three themes: Self identity, Society, Self – identity & Society.

At the end of the artistic workshop, participants were involved in the “magic square” created with the aim to share their experience with the three art forms they used during the workshops (theatre, painting& collage, photography).

Equally, the “Art, culture and sexuality in Palermo” seminar was a moment to introduce the relation among the concept of sexuality and art, culture and urban space. The participants went for a tour to see Sicilian art history, the hidden sexuality in Giacomo Serpotta’s works, past traditions and customes in connection with sexuality and art.

Great importance has been given to the school and family role in society and to the possibility that sexual education should be taught in schools, in order to learn how to deal with it from an early age.

The participants of “In between us – sexuality in the EU” took part in the “Politics and sexuality” round table, where the spokesmen and supporters of the Pride Palermo 2011 participated: Massimo Milani, a street artist and militant for LGTBQ rights, Luigi Carollo, one of the founders of the “Associazione omosessuale Articolo Tre”, and Erasmo Palazzotto, regional coordinator of Left, ecology and liberty.

The project has been concluded in piazza Tavola Tonda with the exhibition of the works made by participants and the theatrical performance “Palpitare di nessi – sessualità in Europa” (“Throb of links(ex) – Sexuality in Europe) followed by a final aperitif.

The exhibition was opened during the “work in progress” so that people could see the artistic process and its contents developing. The event ended with the final performance “Le Statue”(“The Statue”), made by following the Poor Theatre artistic method.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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