Transforming agricultural training with RELIEF’s bioeconomy programs

Thursday 6 June 2024

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RELIEF continues to make significant progress in advancing bioeconomy education in agriculture across Europe. Dedicated to addressing the educational gap in the bioeconomy sector, RELIEF has developed comprehensive educational materials tailored to the needs of higher education students, farmers, and agricultural advisors.

Collaborative efforts have led to the creation of a robust online learning platform designed to facilitate the delivery of bioeconomy training. This platform, alongside supportive materials and guidelines for effective training delivery, is nearing completion and will play a crucial role in the upcoming pilot training. National workshops have been successfully completed in Italy, Sweden, Greece, and Portugal, providing valuable insights into the diverse educational needs and preferences across different regions. These insights are crucial for tailoring the RELIEF training programs to meet specific local requirements.

Efforts to establish national Bioeconomy Hubs are also underway, aiming to create local networks of stakeholders to support farmers in adopting bioeconomy principles, fostering a structured and collaborative approach to rural development. In the coming months, the RELIEF training materials and online platform will undergo pilot testing in Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Sweden. This phase is critical for refining the educational content and delivery methods based on participant feedback. As part of our dissemination and exploitation efforts, partners are developing policy briefs and toolkits to facilitate the broader adoption of RELIEF’s training methodologies.

The first Policy Brief, “Promoting a Practical and Vocational Interdisciplinary Bioeconomy Education in Farming Framework for the EU,” was published in March. These briefs aim to draw policymakers’ attention to the implications of RELIEF outputs and provide recommendations for policies promoting bioeconomy practices in farming.

RELIEF has also developed five Bioeconomy Toolkits for students, farmers, agronomists, VET providers, and universities, offering detailed guidance on RELIEF’s training and educational methodologies. They are available in English, Swedish, Greek, Portuguese, and Italian, providing valuable resources for policymakers, educators, and practitioners in the bioeconomy sector.

The recent third project meeting, held at Mälardalens University in Västerås, Sweden, on May 30-31, 2024, was a significant milestone for the RELIEF project. The RELIEF project is dedicated to empowering the agricultural sector through innovative bioeconomy education.

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RELIEF – euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming is a project funded by the European Union that aims to develop an innovative approach to teaching bioeconomy in agriculture, providing specific educational resources for professionals in the sector.


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