RAISD Research Testimonials: Success Stories from the Italian TAIS

Tuesday 21 December 2021

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The Italian Action-Research Unit (ARU) is a Competence Cell which functions under the Higher Education and Research Unit of CESIE as a knowledge-community at local level offering targeted and tailored services based on the specific needs of stakeholders and related target groups.

Considering deeply rooted systemic barriers and the present historical political instability in Italy that might preclude stakeholders’ active involvement, RAISD represents a great opportunity for the Italian ARU / the Competence Cell and its impact network to continue the work on migration and specific Vulnerability Contexts. The Cell uses community and bottom-up initiatives, creating a trans-disciplinary network of practitioners to support local infrastructures and contribute to community building, capacity building and awareness raising. Indeed, the Competence Cell takes advantage of a multitude of local partners that contribute to project implementation at different levels, and emerge competences of the staff members of CESIE Units – Higher Education and Research, Right and Justice, Adult, Migration, School and Youth.

As the complexity of the RAISD project is very considerable, the ARU satisfies the need for a renowned systemic body that envisions and invests in the growth of significant long-term cooperation relationships and social networks, building a safe community around the highly vulnerable target groups along the inclusion process.

The involvement of diverse esteemed experts and practitioners in the action-research model has allowed the accomplishment of quality in the data gathering, also in regards to the various methodologies applied, including analysis levels on vulnerable profiles and contexts, identification of potential Good Practices and contributed to different perspectives as to how to proceed when designing and implementing the TAIS, Tailored Attention and Inclusion Strategies.

The combined actions further improved and expanded the dialogue between institutions, bodies, associations and grassroots who have been working together for years to construct inclusive processes for highly vulnerable groups in the city of Palermo.


“Your main strength is your capacity to break down the cultural and language barriers”

The first testimony comes from Mr. Giuseppe Spinelli, an educator of the Freedom centre, a centre working with trafficked women. CESIE partnered with the Cooperativa Nuova Generazione, Freedom centre in the nearby town of Trabia (20 km distance from Palermo) to implement the TAIS, contributing to the integration and inclusion of the vulnerable women arriving to the centre by arranging training sessions with and for them.

Point of strength of the Italian ARU has been working on the territory and collaborating with different stakeholders, putting in place a network of operators from different fields to achieve the highest impact on the beneficiaries. Giuseppe highlights in his testimony the great enthusiasm and satisfaction of the young women for the opportunity offered by CESIE, and the participation in the training session was indeed massive.

Among the main strengths of the TAIS and the work of the ARU, he noticed the capacity to break down the cultural and language barriers, and the ability of making the training highly interactive, engaging the participating women not only in the learning as such but also involving them emotionally, paying attention to their feelings during the process.

Watch the full testimony below.

“Your training was able to answer to their questions, about independence, about work, about the future, and to inspire their curiosity”

The second testimonial is Ms. Luigia Sunseri, one of the educators of the Freedom centre. During her interview, she immediately highlighted the importance of having the training delivered directly by CESIE at the centre. That was a key element for the girls hosted in the centre, increasing their feelings of confidence, security, protection and wellbeing. Noteworthy was the great capacity on behalf of the CESIE to involve the young women in the training, raising their curiosity and providing them with support in their path to the future.

The hands-on part of the training was essential to match wishes and expectations with actual possibilities and competences. The initiative jointly delivered by CESIE and the Freedom centre was indeed a success for the inclusion and integration of the women, also looking at the long-term perspective it may open for them, towards a new independent space for their own lives.

At the very end of her intervention, Luigia stressed the constructive and fruitful collaboration put in place with CESIE, that the centre welcomed very positively, and will be ready to welcome in the future as well.

Watch the full testimony below.