YEA: Walking to take pictures and to tell the Palermo you live, it is your turn!

Tuesday 10 October 2023

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Palermo is a city full of contrasts in coexistence with each other. It has a slow pace, and at the same time energetic, it is an ancient yet modern city, and above all it offers so many recreational opportunities to those who live there and is a beautiful place to visit.

But how do you see Palermo? What do you like to do? Where do you like to go? Why don’t you take us around the city through photos that portray your Palermo? After all, taking photos is like telling stories, and the stories are all different!

YEA, which aims to involve young people between the ages of 13 and 30 in the creation of new activities for you to spend your free time around the city, offers you to participate in 3 different but all interconnected activities.

1) Workshop on the power of pictures to tell something of the city you are living in (group activity)

When: Day still to be set during the week of October 16-20th.

Time: 16-17.30.

Duration of event: 2h maximum.

How can pictures tell the story of a city? What can a picture say about you and your routine in Palermo?

There are no photos more beautiful than others, they are just different! And sometimes it is precisely in diversity that ideas reside, as different perspectives can lead you to change your opinion, adopt different points of view, and experience the same city differently.

During the first activity therefore you can take part in the group workshop and observe a small exhibition of 6 months of everyday life in Morocco that might inspire you!

2) Walking through Palermo, at your own pace (individual activity)

Now it’s your turn! Go around the city, get lost and take pictures of what to you most represents your Palermo. You don’t need maps or suggestions: you decide which corner of the city to show, which symbol to put in the center of your shots or how to summarize the activities with which you spend your free time.

But that’s not all! Remember that this is a unique opportunity to explore new horizons as well. So, try to photograph places that are seemingly far from you. And finally, take pictures of scenery where you feel something is missing, of places in your city that you would like to help make more beautiful and alive!

3) Let’s compose the pieces of our pictures in Palermo (group activity)

Once you have completed the first two activities, send us the photos you took and we will meet again to comment on them together. It will be great to see how many different photos, and how many perhaps similar ones, we will have taken!

How to participate

Reservations are required to participate! To do so, fill out the form to confirm your availability of days and times, and then email Giulia De Santis:

About the project

YEA – Youth Empowerment through co-creative Activity development is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme-Cooperation partnerships in youth- that aims to encourage young people to participate more within the local community and to build social bridges, through the co-creation of leisure activities, where youth become the agents to build a sense of community.


For further information

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