Strength-based approach and intercultural competences: TEACHmi training

Thursday 5 May 2022

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The traditional approach to learning focuses on defining the standards that students have to reach, downplaying that these standards are often culturally determined. This scenario poses serious risks especially for learners with a migrant background: focusing on a learner’s weaknesses does not take sufficient account of what he or she may have already learned. In a system that incorporates strength-based learning, students are encouraged to reach those standards through their own competences, providing them with the socio-cultural and emotional tools to do so

TEACHmi project partners have developed two guides for teachers to integrate strength-based learning into their classrooms and lives and to promote intercultural competences:

The two guides offer theoretical aspects, activities and tools to be used in classrooms in order to promote a positive rather than a deficit approach to learning processes, especially in multicultural contexts. Particular attention is given to the OICO principle (Observation, Imitation, Creation and Originality) as the foundation of strengths-based teaching and learning processes.

Moreover, the teachers’ guides offer a reflection on learning contexts in terms of time, space and personal connections, a tool to help map relationships in the classroom and create a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere, strategies to identify students’ strengths and evaluate their use in lessons.

In order to promote the strength-based approach and enhance the intercultural character of the learning environments, we will organise a cycle of three online training meetings on the following topics:

  1. Fighting prejudice and hate speech through the basic principles of strength-based learning;
  2. The multicultural inclusive classroom combined with the contexts “Space” and “Time” in the strength-based approach;
  3. Working with Families, Restorative Circles and Improvement Boards.

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TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion is cofunded by Erasmus+ programme KA3: European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training.


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