Senior Volunteering “Old Recipes – New Strategies”

Wednesday 20 March 2013

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Volontariato senior “Old Recipes – New Strategies"Thanks to the program Grundtvig EU ‘s Senior Volunteer Projects, volunteering abroad is not just a chance for young people! Adults over 50 (resident in Italy) are invited to apply for the next Senior Volunteering Project “Old Recipes – New Strategies” that will take place in Innsbruck in July 2013.
Travel, meals and lodging costs will be fully covered.
Old Recipes – New Strategies foresees the sending of 6 senior volunteers in Innsbruck, Austria, for the month of July 2013. Volunteers will be involved in local activities, focused on traditions and old recipes. Specifically, they will be involved in the production of organic products, wine and traditional crafts, with the support  of local staff and volunteers. During these activities they will share their knowledge on the topic of the project and activities, establishing a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and skills with local centers and the hosting organisation.
The Austrian Hosting organisation will provide logistical and linguistically support, during the whole volunteering period, supporting them to get in touch with the local community.

The partner organisation CUBIC in Innsbruck (Austria) and CESIE in Palermo, are active in the development and promotion of training and learning opportunities (local, regional and international) for a wide range of people. Both partners have experience in international volunteering with young people, with the EU programs “Youth in Action” and with adults with Senior Volunteering Project of Grundtvig Programme.

CESIE will as well host six Austrian senior volunteers in June 2013. We would be pleased to arrange meetings with them and the Italian senior volunteers.
Before departure, we will carry on training meetings in order to provide linguistic and cultural tools to the senior volunteers.

Anyone interested should send a motivation letter, adding biographical and professional information.
The letter and / or requests for information should be sent to  within 14/04/2013.