REC: how to face sensitive topics on violence in a creative and inclusive way?

Monday 14 October 2019

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REC: how to face sensitive topics on violence in a creative and inclusive way?

14 October 2019Get involved, Youth

In order to answer this question, 13 enthusiastic young people from Italy, Spain, Senegal, Gambia and Greece have come together for the past two weeks in the REC Labs to reflect on the causes and consequences of violence with the objective of creating short videos through experimental filmmaking methods as a means to prevent it.

The workshops are part of the REC - Reflect Experiment Capture project. The project involving young people from three different continents aims at:  

  • Developing technical competences in experimental videomaking through peer learning among youth.
  • Promoting innovative schemes to prevent violence among the youth using experimental videos.
  • Exchanging good practices in the fields of non-formal education, media and violence prevention between social youth workers from Italy, Spain, Germany, Indonesia and Kenya as partner countries of the project.

On 3rd October 2019, the first REC Lab was held at CESIE offices in which participants got to know each other, reflect on the onset of violence and familiarize with experimental videomaking techniques to be used for their final project on violence prevention. The participants got a chance to get acquainted with the video equipment to be used during the workshops, by shooting videos interviewing each other. They were also asked to share their passions, hopes, fears and motivation for joining the project. The non-formal activities introduced during the workshop created a platform for the participants to openly and inclusively share their ideas regarding the main topics of discussion. They were requested to team up, and come up with ideas to prevent violence by thinking on its challenges, origin and consequences.

What’s next?

Both participants and trainers showed great excitement to work together as a team during the next months. In fact, the REC Labs will take place every week until the end of June 2020 in which participants will work together to create different short videos that will later be presented during the REC International Experimental Video Festival in Indonesia next year.

Can I participate?

Of course you can! You don’t need to be a masterclass film director to participate. If you like challenges, are creative and enjoy working with an intercultural team of motivated young people, then this is the chance for you.

Send your CV and motivational letter to Cloé Saint Nom to join the next workshop.

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