Love Act – Call for “external evaluator”

Thursday 25 May 2023

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The Love Act – Living positive and intersectional sexuality education for gender-based violence prevention project, responds to the lack of CSE programs around Europe and the consequent need to equip young people, families and educational staff with knowledge, skills, a network and means to prevent GBV from an early age, while preparing the ground for healthy relationships to flourish.

Its objective is to produce, co-create and systemize educational, informative and networking tools on CSE that are high-quality, evidence-based, intersectional, trauma-informed and appealing to multiple targets, including teenagers, families and educational staff.

CESIE is looking for an “external evaluator”, below the documents to participate in this tender:

Invitation to Tender – External Evaluator

Annex 1: Template to answer the invitation to tender

Annex 2: Declaration of Honour

Interested parties are invited to read the notice carefully and send duly completed Annexes 1 and 2 no later than 09 June 2023, according to the instructions listed in section 4.1 “Submission of Tender” of the call.

For more information and to send the application, please write to Rita Quisillo,