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Monday 8 April 2024

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Do you work as a professional to counter the phenomenon of gender-based violence? Interested in learning more or learning more about what it means to take an intersectional and sensitive approach to the experiences of foreign people?

A free workshop series is about to start! The meetings will be held on April 16, 18, 20 and 23, 2024 at Epyc, 42 Via Pignatelli Aragona, Palermo and will be held in Italian.

Gender-based violence is a complex phenomenon that encompasses various types of violence, such as physical, psychological, sexual, and institutional violence, perpetrated against individuals or groups based on their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. This form of violence has devastating consequences on individuals’ identities at physical, psychological, and economic levels.

When considering the case of foreign women involved in situations of gender-based violence, further complexity arises. These women must face particular additional challenges that make access to appropriate resources and support tools difficult.

In this context, the T-ESSERE PONTI program is committed to raising awareness, training, and supporting those who wish to contribute to the fight against this form of violence through thematic workshops for professionals. The new round of workshops is about to start!

These workshops will not only provide in-depth knowledge about the nature and causes of gender-based violence but will also offer the opportunity to share practical tools and skills useful for preventing and combating such violence, with a particular focus on an intersectional approach sensitive to the experiences of foreign individuals.

What to expect

By attending our workshops, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen understanding of the many dimensions of gender-based violence and its implications, with a particular focus on foreign individuals;
  • Acquire practical skills to support victims of gender-based violence, particularly foreign individuals, in accessing services;
  • Contribute to the creation of a network of professionals committed to fighting gender-based violence;
  • Share knowledge with other participants and develop best practices.

First workshop 

When: Tuesday, April 16, from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Can a network of best practices be woven?

The first workshop will be introductory, focusing on opening paths of self-reflection and sharing skills and tools useful for combating gender-based violence. The goal is to create a community of practice, an organization of learning that brings together different actors involved in the theme (community leaders of diaspora, stakeholders, specialized professionals). We will explore the values and expectations at play, as well as the challenges related to stereotypes that act as barriers to violence prevention and access to useful services.

Second workshop

When: Thursday, April 18, from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The parameter of the intersectional approach

The second workshop will focus on the intersectional approach to gender-based violence, examining how gender, race, social class, and other identities intersect to influence experiences of violence and responses to it.

Third workshop

When: Saturday, April 20, from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Legal framework: gaps in written legislation and proposals for its application

In the third workshop, we will examine the critical issues emerging from the current legal framework. We will delve into some shortcomings regarding the support of individuals experiencing violence and living one or more marginalized characteristics. We will note how the lack of tools and attention to these specificities often translates into an underestimation of the severity of experiences and a lack of targeted responses.

Fourth workshop

When: Tuesday, April 23, from 2:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Combating gender-based violence: the actual value of the community of practice.

In the fourth workshop, we will discuss how to implement best practices aimed at consolidating a network of professionals responsive to the emergence of gender-based violence, taking into account the diversity characterizing the population of Palermo. Additionally, we will develop strategic tools to achieve these goals.

How to participate

If you are interested in attending our training workshops, register by filling out the registration form or contact us at by April 14!

About the project

COMMUNITY LINKAGE – Improving gender-based violence service provision through the empowerment of migrant women as community-based mentors, trainers and agents of change is a project funded by DG Justice – Programme CERV (2021-2027) of the European Commission.


For further information

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