Health Education and prevention? With Health Points it has never been so fun!

22 February 2019Adult

Supporting health promotion among disadvantaged young people and providing attractive access to information on health prevention and education: these are the main points addressed by the joint staff training event held in Vienna from the 20th to 24th of January 2019, within the Health Points project.

Indeed, the need to provide innovative educational tools supporting the promotion of health among disadvantaged youngsters is one of the main goals of the Health Points consortium. In order to achieve this goal, it has been developed an online game aimed to foster health education among young people.

During the three days of the training, the partners discussed about the most appropriate theoretical and practical elements to approach young disadvantaged people to the health education and how to involve them in appealing ways.

On these premises, the partners experimented together on the digital platform of the project, analyzing its contents and trying out some of the games.

Considering the importance of the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the delivery of innovative elements to achieve this purpose, the partnership of the project developed some ideas for the next steps:

  • to experiment the on-line platform created to promote innovative learning methods for young people, in order to engage them in the health education;
  • to use a tool for the validation of competence through the LEVEL 5 system: it is a system used for the validation of competences acquired in non-formal and informal learning contexts, in order to promote motivation for development through the recognition of learning;
  • to provide guidelines for the organization of the piloting educational sessions about health lifestyles designed for youngsters.

The piloting phase will be carried out in all the partner countries, in order to have a general framework of the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. Moreover, it will be an opportunity to collect the point of view of the young people who will work on the platform with the games created for their health learning path.

At the end of the training, to each participant was given a guide with resources, tools and guidelines for organizing training sessions with young people in their own countries, in order to experiment with them the game learning approach to health education, promoted by the project.


About the project

Health Points – A game based approach for Health Promotion is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

The project aims to promote an educational approach based on gaming and provide innovative access to information on health prevention and education for disadvantaged young adults.


The consortium consists of the following European partners:

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