Handmade Creative Thinking, meeting in London

Wednesday 30 June 2010

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Creative meetingI was held in London the second project meeting of Handmade Creative Thinking (LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation), attended by the partners: CESIE (coordinators), Capture Arts (London), EuroMed Connect (Malta) and Seneca (Bologna).

Objectives of the the meeting were: analyse the first phase of the project and planning the work for the following stages; evaluate the research sessions (Focus Groups) conducted at Palermo, London, Malta and Bologna, and extract useful information for the course development; use the Creative Thinking tools during the work sessions to further our knowledge about it; experiment “The Capture System”, a unique method that combines Creative Thinking and art to educate children; plan the creation of the training course in Creative Thinking for craftsmen, artists, educators and students of Vocational and Educational Training through the adaptation of the method “The Capture System”; be trained in the use of the website (available since July at www.handmadecreativethinking.eu) and organise the content and design.

Also there has been held a cultural evening with typical food in which local artist and participants from the Focus Groups.

For more information on training in Creative Thinking to be held by January 2011 Contact: Angela Martinez: angela.martinez@cesie.org