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Tuesday 15 June 2010

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meetingThe research sessions of the project “Handmade Creative Thinking” with craftsmen, artists, educators and students have finished, during which we analysed the creative learning needs of the participants (20 in total) through practical activities, discussions and questionnaires , always using the techniques of Creative Thinking.

The objectives of these meetings were: iInform participants about the project “Handmade Creative Thinking” and their contribution to the creation of a training course on techniques of Creative Thinking applied to them; analyse through their active participation what are their learning needs, how is the job market now and what are the artisans, apprentices, artists, students and trainers’ specific challenges to work; introduce some techniques that stimulate Creative Thinking for problem solving and the creation of innovative ideas; to stimulate the knowledge and exchange between people who work or study in the craft, art and vocational training.

Between 20th and 24th of June there will be a meeting in London between all partners: CE.SIE (coordinators), Capture Arts (London), EuroMed Connect (Malta) and Seneca (Bologna), to analyse the results of research sessions that were held simultaneously in all these countries and cities.

After analysing the needs of participants, we will proceed to the creation of the training course contents (between July-November), and then we will open the registration for the participation in the course that will be held in Palermo from January to March 2011.

For more information please contact: Angela Martinez: angela.martinez@cesie.org