EDDILI: fourth international management meeting in Valladolid

Wednesday 27 April 2011

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EDDILI is an international action-research project targeted at adult learning staff (ALS). It is co-funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme under the action Grundtvig Multilateral projects. Within a period of 2 years, the European partnership aims to develop and introduce the reciprocal maieutic approach (RMA) of Danilo Dolci as a an educational approach to be used in the field of training of adult learning staff.

The fourth management meeting has been held in Valladolid (Spain) from the 23th to 25th of March 2011, involving all project coordinators and the external evaluator of the project, with the aim of coordinating the ongoing project activities and plan the next stages and steps.

In the past year EDDILI has been implementing the reciprocal maieutic approach in all the partner countries simultaneously and it’s expected to have a serious impact and enhance the quality of adult learning. After a common 5-day international “training for trainers (trainers of ALS)” gathering in Palermo (in January 2010) about the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach, those trainers have delivered an intensive training course to ALS in their respective countries. The main educational approach used by trainers has been the RMA. The training course included in-presence modules, on-line modules and an international seminar in Rotterdam.

The consortium is currently working on a prototype version in order to develop the final RMA manual, aimed to increase the RMA use, effectiveness and possible applications in the European adult education field.

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or contact directly: Marie Marzloff  marie.marzloff@cesie.org


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