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Friday 12 July 2013

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Progetto BODY – sviluppo delle capacità per Istruttori Adulti nell’UEAttending our Grundtvig In-Service training from the 1st to the 5th July in Budapest were  adult trainers from Denmark, Italy, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium – sharing their professional experiences and getting new knowledge inputs to be able to construct more inclusive and efficient trainings on issues related to the human body, health, gender, sexuality, disability and interculturality, thereby offering pathways for developing civic, social and intercultural competences and developing attitudes and skills concerning our key-topics.

The training focused on the necessary competences to deal how to overcome intercultural challenges in training/counseling/coaching situations. In other words, to get:

  • a better understanding of cultural differences in health, gender, sexuality, disability and body;
  • skills to reflect on target groups’ and own personal non-verbal behavior;
  • skills and facility in preventing or handle cultural tensions and incompatibilities;
  • integrating the use of structured exercises: role plays, simulations to examine the dynamics of training and counseling experiences;
  • communication skills and methodological tools on body, health, gender, sexuality and disability.

It was a first chance to disseminate the BODY trainers’ Manual. (Available in English, click here). The translated Manual will be published in French, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Hungarian by the 11th of September 2013.

Follow the BODY facebook page, browse it to see some picture of the training activities!

For further information, please contact Luisa Ardizzone

BODY is a LLP Grundtvig Multilateral project and has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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