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Monday 9 September 2013

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Eat Smart - Food FairIn Europe, in Asia, elsewhere, culinary cultural heritage is slowly disappearing. Meanwhile, junk food is continuously spreading, just as obesity or other health risks, without mentioning agro-industrial scandals anywhere in the world, and to what extent environmental future is linked to our eating habits.

The Eat Smart project raises awareness about those issues, through a (re)discovery of culinary traditions.

40 young cooks or video makers from 4 different countries (China, France, Vietnam and Italy) have been involved in the different steps of the project: a training course in Beijing, 6 local workshops in each of the 4 countries, the production of a documentary, a research on traditional recipes and an International Food Fair in Palermo, Italy… The objective was always to show that sustainable consumption is strictly connected to our culinary tradition.

The Food Fair // September 9th – 12th  // Palermo

For one week video-makers, cooks or just young activists from China, Vietnam, France and Italy will come together in Palermo, Italy, to explore the Sicilian, Italian, and European realities. This international team will lean on the work already done, and promote the project in Sicily, the core of the Mediterranean diet. They will discover the culinary features of the city, and invite the public to take part to workshops, and they will present their documentary, dealing with Asian and European food landscapes and traditions. This event has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Teatro Nuovo Montevergini e della Città del Gusto / Palazzo Branciforte.

Eurasian cooking workshops //Wednesday  September 11th 10.00 – 13.00 // Città del Gusto – Palazzo Branciforte

Via Bara all’Olivella, 2 – Palermo

The participants will run Chinese, French, and Vietnamese cuisine workshops, which will be opened to the public. This will be another good chance to raise awareness about the project objectives, again through cooking. All workshops will be supervised by Chinese, French, and Vietnamese chefs who will exceptionally attend the Food Fair. At the evening public event, these dishes will be offered to the public. These workshops are free with limited places. To join, please write to specifying the chosen workshop (Chinese, French, or Vietnamese).


The Eat Smart Night // September 11th 19.00 – 22.00 // Nuovo Montevergini – Via Montevergini, 8, Palermo

Via Montevergini, 8, Palermo

During this event, we will show the results of the project to the local community in Palermo. They will also promote the importance of healthy and sustainable eating lifestyles.

Evening Program:

  • Presentation of the project and a few words from each local group
  • Screening of the documentary
  • Discussion, with participation of the pastry chef Mr. Cappello
  • Tasting of the dishes prepared in the morning

Live cuisine with the collaboration of La Città del Gusto / Palazzo Branciforte


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