Empowering young people in rural areas: Ray blended mobility in Slovenia

Thursday 31 October 2019

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Empowering young people in rural areas: Ray blended mobility in Slovenia

31 October 2019Youth

Ray project blended mobility in Slovenia has been a huge success! from the 12th to the 16th of october 2019 CESIE’s group of 4 wonderful participants meet up with the other national teams in Menges, Slovenia. 

The purpose of the intensive week was to test RAY - Rural Active Youth Job portal and the Educational material which will be made available on the portal for rural youth to access freely.

Since the beginning of the experience, it was clear how everyone was highly motivated  and eager to share, interact, discuss and get to know each other.

Participants learned how to write their European format CVs and their language passports online using the europass.cedefop.eu website, they also learned how to create ePortfolios and Skills Passports while assessing their own skills and needs in relation to the labour market and the career path they want to take. 

The event has been hosted by the slovenian partner, Drustvo AIA who demonstrated not only the utmost dedication and high quality standards in the choice of the event speakers, lecturer and enterprises to visit, but also the most appreciated warmth and hospitality. This mix of ingredients made possible for everyone involved to spend an all-round educational and inspiring week. 

The event featured lectures and workshop lead by inspiring slovenian professionals:

  • Ferry Stepancic from Cene Štupar a leading Slovenian lifelong learning and training provider.
  • Špela Bernhard, Head Talent Acquisition and Staffing for Slovenia at Novartis
  • Saša Hudnik who lead the CAN I TRY theatre workshop. 

Participants also visited successful enterprises in Menges: 

Interblock - Luxury Gaming Products, a world leader manufacturer of videogames serving Casinos on a world-wide scale. 

Klemen transport, an enterprise with 10 years of experience in the logistic market, a 30 years old CEO and one of the biggest truck fleets in Slovenia with more than 200 trucks and 450 employees. 

All topped up with fun cultural evenings which resulted in international new friendships, reciprocal cultural learning and sharing.  Participants immersed themselves in the slovenian natural beauty and historical heritage such as the Bled lake, the wonderful Postojna caves, one of the biggest cave complex in europe stretching more than 25 km under the ground,  and the Predjama Castle, an impressive medieval engineering miracle built inside a cave.

but that’s enough talking! Let’s our participants talk about their own experience: 

I was so touched. Never stop doing your job in that way, you are an example to us all.”Roberta 

A learning experience from any point of view. having the chance to interact with different cultures, exchange opinions and propose solutions brought up our common beliefs, our worries and expectations for the future. around us a welcoming and familiar environment, an organization always on the spot managing the group at its best. every single member of the group participated and contributed to make everyone else grow culturally and as a person. i am going back home eager to get myself in there and motivated to keep learning.” Gabriele

Today i am on my way back home, in my heart i carry already the nostalgia for this experience that left a mark on me. the week has been a continuous challenge, a constant push outside my comfort zone and i could not desire anything better than this.” Annalisa

 they've been intense days i won't easily forget. i've learned a lot from each activity and workshop in which i have participated. we also grow up as a group and we managed/I managed to get over my language related insecurities. An experience I'd repeat, i would suggest it to anyone.” Giovanni 

What’s gonna happen next? 

we are about to launch the final version of our website, now we are looking for companies and enterprises and young people from rural areas in Sicily to join the portal.

Are you an employer? our portal is free of charge and easy to use so it would be another tool for companies to find employees and fill up their position with highly committed young people. 

Are you a young individual? join the RAY community and create your own profile, it will help you find suitable job opportunities in your area and you will also find educational material on job hunting and career planning. 

if you want to keep yourself updated with the project RAY - Rural Active Youth Job Portal andfind out when it will be possible for you to register, please follow us on social media and/or write to ettore.costa@cesie.org 

About the project

RAY – Rural Active Youth Job Portal is co-funded by Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships – Youth.


 The partnership holds together:

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