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Thursday 7 October 2010

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city zen meetingIn Marseille from 24th to the 28th September took place European Meeting of the European Project City Zen (financed by “Europe for Cityzen” programme of the European Union), 40 participants from four European countries (Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Belgium) and other youngsters hosted by Pistes Solidaires (the project coordinator). The participants from non-governmental organizations that deal with topics related to Sustainable Development (organic products producer, networks of responsible tourism, etc..) presented their experience and participated in round tables in order to identify local expectations, practices, and citizens’ initiatives on responsible consumption. One of the aim was to provide and develop awareness on responsible consumption and sustainable practices.

The European Conference, held on the last day at La Maison de la Région Marseille with the participation of a European deputy.

This conference was preceded by some activities: forum theatre, seminars, presentation of best practices at European level in the field of sustainable consumption.

The objectives and activities of the project are: the collection of opinions of citizens on some key challenges facing Europe in the future, the encouragement of dialogue between citizens and European institutions, the presentation of projects focused on sustainable development carried out by the countries partners, the creation of links between citizens, organizations and policies of the European Union, the establishment of a quality charter which certifies the actors directly involved in this field and which address European union in supporting Sustainable Consumption.

The Italian delegation was composed by young entrepreneurs, local authorities and associations, brought the perspective and experience of Italy at the meeting in Marseille. One of the member of the Italian delegation the Mayor of Pollina, Magda Culotta, 25 year-old newly elected said: “It was very interesting for our system as country, but particularly for our local systems, and our individual and territorial growth. Further the Italian delegation was composed by: Stefania Giambelluca – from CESIE; Carmelo Pollichino – from CoMeSS –- Mediterranean Consortium for Sustainable Development; Francesco Carnevale – from the Consortium Ulysses for social co-operatives, Giovanni Zinna – from teh association Mille Volti Capovolti about responsible tourism; Sergio Lo Verde – Acunamatata Onlus association (which deals with social and environmental activities through the artistic language), Giuseppe Gullo – from Sentieri Sostenibili engaged in projects on responsible tourismat local level; Giuseppe Cassataro – producer of “Manna” and member of “Manna Salute è vita”; Dario Ferrante – manager of the festival Alter-native Energy. The delegation was coordinated by CE.SIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, partner of the project coordinator “Pistes Solidaires”.

For further informations please contact Stefania Giambelluca