Eat Smart – Bio food or fast food?

Thursday 27 June 2013

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EAT Smart - Cibo Bio o Fast Food?Since the month of April, “Eat Smart” project activities are being carried out, thanks to the co-funding of the programme Youth in Action, action 3.2 of the European Commission.

The project aims to spread a sustainable approach in food consumption, promoting youngsters’ creativity and intercultural dialogue through pleasant and amusing approaches: traditional cooking workshops, interviews to professionals, people and participants, and as well as a food fair, which will be held in Palermo next September. On that occasion, it will be possible to taste Sicilian, French, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes and to meet participants coming from the partner Countries China, France and Vietnam.

After the first event, a training course held in China last March, the local work group from CESIE led different activities at a local level, for example two meetings at the “Market of Capo” and the “Bio Fair” in Palazzo Steri, in order to know people’s opinions and food habits in relation to healthy and sustainable food, tastes, the contrast between traditional food and modern fast food.

The 28th of May other two remaining project activities took place: the interview to Salvatore Cappello, one of the greatest pastry chef in Sicily and also the inventor of the famous “Sette veli” cake, and the two workshops on traditional Sicilian cooking (the second was held the 4th of June).

The culinary workshops were carried out in the laboratory kitchen of Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo, allowed participants to debate about traditions, recipes, work methods, ingredients and to prepare Sicilian delicacies such as arancine, caponata, homemade pasta, ricotta, lemon cream. All this accompanied by the constant presence of Mr. Cappello who, acting as an expert, dispensed useful tips, providing an added value by telling stories, customs and traditions concerning the art of cooking in our city. The workshops ended with interviews to 2 experts and promoters of Sustainable Consumption.