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Tuesday 5 March 2013

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Climate ChangeDay 15 March 2013 there will be a workshop under the project Communicating Ecological Responsibility in a Multicultural Environment: Communication Techniques for Mobilizing Youth Action on Climate Change, in Palermo, at the CESIE centre.

After traveling in Kenya, which involved three participants and a coordinator, and in which they were taught the principles and essential bases aimed at creating and mounting a video, now we are ready to tackle a task that will see your participation and that will allow you to acquire knowledge and new skills in order to develop a film and, at the same time to increase your awareness of this phenomenon. Will be the participants to convey the concepts treated in Kenya and everything will take place over a day, precisely on March 15. Following this meeting, we will set a date in the month of April, for the recovery of a mini-movie, filmed directly from you, that will insert in the final product of the project, the official video-documentary.

We are looking for then 8 young participants, interested and motivated, who have:

  • between 18-28 years old;
  • a basic understanding of media language;
  • a minimum of experience in the field of audio-visual techniques;
  • experience in the field of graphics.

The project aims to raise public awareness, in particular young people, on a current phenomenon that worries and alarms the scientific community, climate change:  is a dare that must be addressed as soon as possible if we want that future generations, our children, enjoy the fruits and the resources that Earth takes available today. It is required for this purpose, a proper stance and a greater and less surface level of awareness, leading to a change in lifestyle, eating habits and involve more young people. To get more directly to our goal, and to reach this age group, the main target of the project, we will create a video documentary in each partner country on climate change.

If you are interested or you think this is the project for you, please send your request to participate to the following email address: or call to this number: 091-6164224  and ask for Stefania.