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Wednesday 10 April 2013

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Alternative-VCESIE is looking for 2 volunteers to be included in the project of European Volunteering Service (EVS) ALTERNATIVE-V, which will be held in various communities in the city of Kiev, Ukraine and will be attended by 6 young people from Spain, Poland and Italy for a period of 12 months, starting from May 1, 2013.

The project aims to provide volunteers opportunities for intercultural learning, new skills and capacities of organizational and community development, multilingualism, through their participation in local communities and the promotion of active citizenship.

The 6 EVS volunteers will work independently, in pairs and in groups on various tasks, with the following objectives:

  • stimulate the process of intercultural learning and strengthen awareness of European values through the execution of briefings, workshops in local schools, youth centers;
  • stimulate active citizenship and participation among young Ukrainians, promoting and organizing volunteer activities with local young people;
  • increase the tolerance of different cultures, learning and accepting their diversity;
  • promoting human rights and equality through implementation of anti bullying educational activities at local schools, childcare institutions;
  • encourage participation of youngsters with fewer opportunities.

EVS volunteers will also have the opportunity to help in the preparation and implementation of the Working Camp international volunteer, to help in managing contents of website and Facebook group  informing Ukrainian youth about volunteering, to participate in fundraising activities and language club, to help local social institutions (orphanages, hospitals) and run cultural and linguistic events at the office of Alternative-V, local schools and universities.

The volunteers will be accommodated in a rented room or in a family. They will use local public transport to reach the places of the project and will work 4-7 hours per day, 5 days per week (Monday – Friday). They will have two days off – Saturday and Sunday, and if they need your help in one of the days of the weekend, will be given a day off during the week.

Do not miss this opportunity to work in an experienced organization in European cooperation! Send us your CV and a motivation letter (in which you explain why you are interested in the proposed activities) at sve@cesie.org. Also contact this address for further information. Deadline: as soon as possible!