Virtual Stages Against Violence International Conference at Palazzo Steri

Saturday 23 February 2013

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Virtual Stages Against Violence - ConferenzaThe International Conference “Internet and Young People: Risks and Opportunities” was held on 22th February 2013 at the University of Palermo, closing the project Virtual Stages Against Violence.
Mario Morcellini, Director of the Department of Communication and Social Research, Sapienza University of Rome, intervened together with the sociologists Gianna Cappello e Fabio Massimo Lo Verde, Maria Luisa Altomonte, General Director for Regional Office of Education in Sicily and the coordinators of the project from the different countries that participated in the implementation of the project.

Virtual Stages Against Violence, funded by the European Commission in the framework of the DAPHNE III Programme, was a two-year project which had the aim of exploring the risks and opportunities that young people encounter when using digital media and online communication.

During the conference, the activities realized within the project, such as the online game, the theatre and toolkit were presented.

All Conference participants received a certificate of attendance released by MED (Italian Association for Media Education), a training body accredited by the Department of Education, University and Research.

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