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Tuesday 26 March 2013

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Monkey Business

Would you like to work in an specialized center in recovering exotic animals? The AAP Foundation is looking for a volunteer under the EVS programme to be involved in its activities of the project “Monkey business” in Almere (Holland) for one year, from June 2013 to May 2014.

The animals that end up with AAP Foundation often come from illegal trade, research laboratories, circuses, illegal zoos or directly from private people. The foundation hosts apes, monkeys and other small exotic mammals such as raccoons, skunks and prairie dogs. These animals have often been seriously abused and severely neglected so they need to receive professional care for their recovery. A team of specialized staff members, behaviour biologists and veterinarians takes then care of them. Their aim is to make the animals mentally and physically healthy and to place them in a more natural environment, such as in a natural enclosure or in a renowned zoo.

As a volunteer you can be involved in the following tasks:

  • Work together with an experienced animal foster and support him/her with functional help.
  • Make behavior observation of the animals, registering anomalies and reporting them.
  • Feed the Animals.
  • Clean and take care of the places where the animals stay.
  • Help in creating and preparing the places where the animals stay.
  • Doing small maintenance.
  • Doing other kind of work at the office, such as technical service or promotional activities.

AAP focuses also in providing preventive information. AAP tries to prevent more animal cruelty by convincing the politicians and general public that wild animals are not suitable to keep as pets. The foundation aims to improve international relations between youth by letting them explore and create an understanding of each other’s cultures and how they deal with animals.

AAP foundation is looking for a volunteer with the following profile:

  • Motivation for working with (wild) animals; experience is welcome but not required.
  • Physically capable and willing to conduct work in animal care.
  • Sufficient (but not top) level of English speaking (required due to safety procedures).
  • Willing to live in one of the AAP-guest houses, together with 5 to 8 colleagues, mostly foreigners, on basis of room-sharing.

The organization exists for more the 30 years. It has grown from a small volunteer organisation to a full-size shelter involving up to 100 volunteers supported by 70 employees. For more information click here.

The foundation centre is placed in, Almere a big city on an artificial piece of land only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. Almere is a very modern city, founded 30 years ago, with a population of 200.000 inhabitants. Among its facilities, you can find the biggest digital cinema in Europe.

For more information:

If you would like to become a candidate for this project, please send your CV and motivation letter explaining why are you interested in the activities proposed, both documents in English to Deadline: As soon as possible! Departure in June!