Nepalese childrenThis year we want to wish you happy Easter holidays from Nepal. We are dedicating all our energies to improve the situation of the students we are working with, but still more has to be done, especially in Landless community where children from really poor families are reading and Lubhu schools where mentally disabled and poor children are studying. These children need also your help! Please celebrate this festival also for them: if all of us save the cost of a single chocolate bar or bottle of wine we will do many more good things for them and their future!

Paurakhi village is located in Thapathali, Kathmandu and it is a community of landless people. Those living here are occupying the public land, they thus have no tenure right on the small houses they are living in. The villagers have to work throughout the whole day for few rupees and they live in very bad conditions: no electricity, no water and no sanitation facility. Moreover they have to deal with the consequences of the pollution (air, water) that affects the entire Thapathali area.

The Landless school was built thanks to the effort of some volunteers.

It includes students from nursery, 1st, 3rd grade. The small school does not have enough resources to buy adequate material for the children and it is relying on the efforts made by past EVS volunteer and by other cooperating organizations.

Gyan Jyoti is a small school in Lubhu, a village set outside of Kathmandu, in Lalitpur district. It is completely run and managed by the parents of the students, who are affected by mental disabilities. The fifteen children get support through some activities and exercises, like English basic reading and speaking or, for the ones who cannot deal with the language class, physical exercises in order to improve the connection between their mind and their body. Teachers and students are trying their best to make Gyan Jyoti a place for self-development but still their efforts are not enough: the lack of resources does not allow them to provide the children proper materials and infrastructures. These children need a warm and welcoming place, but their school isn’t receiving any help from the government. That’s why they deserve your help…

This Easter let’s all share with them our joy!

Every child in Landless community and in Lubhu school is living in very hard situations but their families, teachers and themselves always have kind and happy smiles to donate us.

Let’s help them being even happier!

When you will meet with your friends and families to celebrate with joy, share your happiness with our children. It does not cost much! It’s the price of a biscuits box or the price of a sparkling wine: transform them into a nice present for the children. With a little help from your side we can do much for the children who want to study but cannot afford the costs to do it properly.

Let’s all together invite these Nepalese children into our warm houses and hearts. One single more chair at our table means books, pencils, boards and a lot more in Landless community and Lubhu school.

Share your happiness!

For further information, please contact:

Campaign for Change Nepal (CCN)

Baneshwor 10, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-1-4784701

Mailing Address:

House No: 69 Durga Marga, Buddhanagar Kathmandu Nepal



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