Let’s open the doors to mobility

Tuesday 7 May 2013

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Apriamo le porte alla mobilitàLast 19th April CESIE, in collaboration with EURO association, welcomed at O.P.E.N. Centre in Piazza Fonderia a group of young boys and girls willing to participate to the mobility programmes, organising an informative day aimed to inform young people about the different opportunities.

It was very interesting to analyse in-depths the youth exchanges, the training courses and the European Voluntary Service.

The exchanges and the training courses offer to groups of youngsters from two or more countries the opportunity to plan all together different activities on the basis of a common interest topic, to find out similarities and differences and to know the respective cultures. This kind of experience, focused on young people, can help fighting the negative prejudices and stereotypes and represents a unique opportunity for groups of youngster to meet each other. The exchanges have a pedagogic aim to learn in an informal context and are addressed to youngster between 13 and 25.

The European Voluntary Service is addressed to youngsters between 18 and 30 who want to make an experience in a social activity in a European or extra-European country, in a time lapse of 3-12 months. The EVS gives the opportunity to practise skills and knowledge in an informal way within the local community, through several activities, and also to learn customs and practices from different cultures. The voluntary is supplied with board and lodging, insurance, language course and 90% of the cost of the flight ticket; a monthly subsidy (whose amount changes according to the receiving country) will also be granted for personal expenses.

For further information about the exchanges please mail to scambiculturali@cesie.org

For further information about EVS please mail to sve@cesie.org

Another programme promoted by the European Commission was also discussed, the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, which grants the opportunity to work side by side with an expert entrepreneur from another country of the European Union and to strengthen your competences to develop your own enterprise.

As a matter of fact, Erasmus for young entrepreneurs can be a added value to your entrepreneurial activity, because it allows to:

  • Develop international networks
  • Find out how the market in another European country works
  • Undertake potential cooperation opportunities
  • Strengthen your competences thanks to the experience of successful entrepreneurs

For further information about Erasmus for young entrepreneurs please visit http://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/index.php

To attend the Programme, please contact silvia.ciaperoni@cesie.org or rita.quisillo@cesie.org