Learning to fight bullying with Storytelling, Symbolwork & Folk Tales Work

Wednesday 7 April 2021

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On March 25 and 26, a group of educators participated in a training course organised by CESIE in the context of the project KITE, to know and put into practice the KITE methodologies: Storytelling, Symbolwork and Folk Tales Work. Techniques that, serving as alternative languages and overcoming gender, cultural and social differences, can be used to deal with conflicts and prevent bullying episodes.

Bullying is a very complex social phenomenon that can create negative feelings and change the self-perception and self-control dynamics. Moreover, it is a phenomenon that has an impact not only on direct victims, but also on those community members who observe, often silently, the evolution of the episodes. In general, the rise of violence cases at school can create a negative environment and can influence the whole school community. For these reasons, it is crucial to address these thorny issues. However, to truly tackle them can be very difficult for teachers, who often do not have the tools to do it in an efficient and durable way. In fact, they need innovative tools that can help in stimulating students’ critical thinking, empathy and judgment. In order to support teachers, the KITE project has collected 13 innovative tools and activities in a Toolkit and made explicative video-tutorials on the methodologies.

The educators who participated in the training course learnt through theory and practice, with the simulation of some of those activities, the deep therapeutic and educational value of storytelling and folk tales work. In particular, they experienced the creative technique of Kamishibai, learning that a well told story with an intrinsic meaning, can be a powerful weapon, that can create bridges and connect people. Finally, with activities like the Basic Clearing and the Wheel of Emotions, they learnt to use symbols as alternative language that can help young people, and not only them, to express their thoughts and feelings, especially in uncomfortable situations.

Are you a teacher or an educator and want to become a KITE Fighter?

Contact the project referent Giorgia Scuderi, giorgia.scuderi@cesie.org.

If you want to explore and use the KITE methodologies with your students, here you can download the KITE Fighters Toolkit.

About the project

KITE fighters – Kids and Teachers Fighting for Inclusion is cofinanced by Erasmus + Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for school education.


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Contact Giorgia Scuderi: giorgia.scuderi@cesie.org  

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

As part of the KRPAN project – Strengthening Research Support and Activities for Progress on European Research Projects), Živa Semolič – project officer from ZRS Koper, Slovenia – joined a dynamic study visit hosted by CESIE ETS in Palermo. Visit aimed to enhance international collaboration and gain insights into organisational processes, project development, networking, administrative and financial project management.