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Thursday 31 July 2014

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eunify-videoIn the framework of the Open Society Foundations-funded project “eUnify”, a video has been produced by CESIE, in the premises of “Associazione Centro Astalli Palermo”, on why xenophobia should be fought and to prevent politicians from scapegoating migrants as a tool for electoral votes.

The video contains an interview with Samuel, a volunteer at the centre and with Emanuele, the coordinator of the centre’s activities. The aim of it is to show how mutual trust and integration between migrant and local communities, represented by the good practice of “Centro Astalli Palermo”, is not only possible but also highly beneficial for both realities.

In fact, as Emanuele put it, “it’s only out of fear and ignorance that some Italians are racist and xenophobic”. The best way to stimulate mutual trust and confidence is through music and cultural events, that stimulate people to understand that “we’re all the same”, as Samuel put it.

Although EU elections are over, it’s always the time to fight xenophobia and to watch out for politicians’ scapegoating of migrants. Especially in this hard time due to the economic crisis, we should try to look out more for similarities across cultures, and to let differences be a source for mutual exchange, rather than for distrust and racism.

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