CESIE meets the students of the Technical Institute “Mario Rapisardi”.

Monday 22 April 2013

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Info day All'Istituto Tecnico On Friday 12th April, almost one hundred students from the technical  institute Mario Rapisardi of Caltanisseta were on hand for an information day provided by CESIE on opportunities available under the European Mobility programme .

The event organized by ECAP Caltanissetta (www.ecapcl.it) was an ideal platform for students in their final year of technical and commercial studies to gain an overview and a better understanding of the mobility programmes funded by the European commission.

In addition of the main aim of promoting the European mobility programme, the objectives of the encounter were to encourage young people to active participation, to promote the benefit of intercultural learning  as well as to demonstrate how mobility creates opportunities.

During the meeting of almost two hours, the students, aged to 16-18, heard  an interactive presentation and find information about :

  • European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • Training course and seminary
  • Cultural Exchanges

In addition several future mobility opportunities with CESIE were introduced to the students.

The session also included practical tips on how to apply to the mobility programmes and on the recruitment criteria.

To close the info-day in a simple and effective way, the students heard the direct testimony of a volunteer in European service in CESIE ‘s office for an insider view of what life as volunteer is really like.

The idea of an intercultural experience abroad has been successful among the participants, raising curiosity and potential applicants and confirmed their interest in the European mobility opportunities.

CESIE is happy to liaise with schools, with teachers and students, and hopes that such initiatives are carried out continuously.

To get more information on the mobility opportunities for young people, please contact scambiculturali@cesie.org  (for training course and cultural exchange) and sve@cesie.org (for European voluntary service).