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Wednesday 6 March 2013

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Operazione Anti-trattaThe phenomenon trafficking of human beings seems to have disappeared, at least from what emerges in national and international chronicles. Yet, as evidenced by the ratio of Caritas Immigration few weeks ago, a big operation led to the arrest of 55 people accused of illegal transport of migrants from Africa to Italy, including the mediator of the Italian Embassy in Nairobi. Nothing! Even the slightest reference in major newspapers, even a skimpy short article, not to mention a TV news. The arrest led to the seizure of approximately € 25 million, the falsification of documents, the income of the travel and to real business with people. The structure of this kind of criminal organizations is hierarchical, headed by senior figures that offer coverage and, below, the so-called “Brotherhoods”, violent groups of guys that help “Maman” in the traffic management. The “Londonie,” however, are the connecting element, the ring that allows both parties to get in touch and also take care of collecting the money earned by Maman. Between them and the girls there is a bond so strong that it is often difficult to break. Among other things, to act as labourers organization, the “Putchers” act like real killers, physically preventing those wanting to escape from this trade. “A traffic lonely, silent, with exchanges of “human goods” paid in cash, hired thugs and customers indifferent.” (of Fabio Emilio Torsello from the website

 The indifference towards the existence of this phenomenon can be observed  by the media impotence and, in particular, by the language they use in reporting these facts, given that a correct and non-sexist Italian language is a prerequisite to start a cultural path of true equality between the sexes. It is as a result of this observation that “Anti-Trafficking Coordination Favour and Loveth” was born and developed in Palermo by the name of the two girls killed in 2012, the symbol of the indifference of the institutions and the media against this social evil. The Coordination is a collaboration of many active and participatory organizations and / or associations, including CESIE, that has always been committed to combat the phenomenon of trafficking related to sexual exploitation.

To sensitize the media on this issue and spread awareness of this phenomenon two sit-in sessions were organized in Palermo: the first, January 17, outside the headquarters of the newspaper La Repubblica, and the second outside the headquarters of the Giornale di Sicilia, February 24.

During the events, claims and observations were made related to the Charter of Palermo, a paper produced by the Coordination, with which the media were asked to undertake a campaign denouncing anti-trafficking violated rights of women subjected to slavery and exploitation, using appropriate language, not offensive and detrimental to the dignity of women, which describes the actual condition. It is also requested that the schedules are brought to the attention of the public programs that show the cultural identities of various people in our land, especially of those cultures that are likely to be contaminated by erroneous stereotypes. And finally, to open a continuous and fruitful dialogue within the civil society which has as its objective the construction of a process of participatory democracy, in which the parties can express their opinions and criticisms. The events have also had the purpose of denouncing the attack on the life of Vivian Wiwoloku, pastor of the Methodist Church, who for years has fought for the struggle against exploitation, violence and trafficking (

The two events were a great success with high participation, among who were the community of San Savier or representatives of Evangelical Churches or even the representatives of the Pilgrim of the earth. The leaders editors of the two newspapers are committed to devote more care and attention to the formulation of the titles of articles about trafficking and to cooperate with the Coordinator in its efforts to fight against that phenomenon.

A small but important step forward has been made!