REC Labs – Violence prevention is in your hands

Thursday 6 August 2020

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Have you ever wondered why violence is still so present in our societies? Have you ever asked yourself what you can do about it? Join REC and find out.

As a small group of active young people from around the world, the REC team has not stopped in all these months to shoot experimental videos and raise awareness about the most common types of violence affecting youth nowadays. They have been together since October 2019 to produce videos using artistic technics against the following topics. Have a look!

In September we will resume with our 5th edition to shoot a video about Invisibility, Indifference and Isoltation, all very relevant to to historical moment we are living. In April 2021, 4 members of the team will have the chance to travel to Indonesia to participate in the International Film Festival and meet other young members from Spain, Germany, Kenya and Indonesia. You can be one of them.

Are you a curious, active and creative young person under 30? Join your hands and witts to ours to stop violence! Contact by 15th September.