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Tuesday 26 July 2011

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giovani in europaNOMINATIONS CLOSED

Since several years Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital is living a intense cultural movement, a never ending spring. The main actors of this movement are the youngsters and the youth organizations that are proposing new artistic, social, and cultural expressions.

Slovenia is since some years a vital nourishment for the European culture. Doing the EVS in Slovenian SCI will allow to take a active part in the organization of international workcamps, youth exchange, training courses in many European countries.

During the EVS period the volunteer will be guest in the student dormitory.

The volunteer will be involved in the activities carried out by Slovenian SCI branch Voluntariat. During the summer months volunteer will be participating on international work-camps, help organizing and conducting youth exchanges and other similar projects. During the winter months he/she will help organizing promotional activities, help with the workshops and trainings for volunteers and with the activities for our Club of volunteers (which organizes different social events, workshops and exhibitions, films different promotional and documentary videos etc).

It’s very important that the volunteer is used to working in a team, that he/she is sociable, has a sense of humour and is flexible in different situations (e.g.: to propose/invent some additional activities in a time when there won’t be any other specific activities on the agenda and prepared to give an extra hand in a period full of current activities).

In order to candidate send your CV and a motivational letter to sve@cesie.org – Deadline 3/08/2012