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Monday 16 May 2011

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seniorDo you think cultural exchanges are only for youngsters? Do you think only youth can be in Action?

Not anymore! GIVE ( the EU program for senior volunteers) is a real opportunity to involve adult people in volunteering and in intercultural activities; it is the time for senior volunteers and sharing their experience with people from across Europe.

Volunteers expenses will be fully covered.

SUSTAINIOR is a project to send/host 6 senior volunteers, between established community-based organisations. Pistes Solidaires in Marseille, France, and CE.S.I.E in Palermo, Italy, are active in the field of volunteering at local, regional and international level.

Senior volunteers will leave in two different periods one group of tree from 01/09/2011 returning the 06/10/2011 and the second group starting the 07/10/2011 and returning the 11/11/2011.

Both partners have, above all, substantial experience with international youth volunteering, through the EU’s “Youth In Action” programme. This means that we have the skills and support framework needed to support older volunteers, and we also think that Senior Volunteering offers really good new elements to improve our work.

The work programme will focus on the different concepts of sustainable development. The volunteers will work together with paid staff and local volunteers to enrich the work, add an intercultural and intergenerational dimension of exchange, offer comparisons with their own country, and learn about operations in the host centres.

We will involve the senior volunteers to contribute with their ideas, experiences and work in the development of local activities concerning Sustainable development. This is why they will directly work in local communities and/or associations which work on the development of Sustainable Consumption, Intergenerational dialogue and Intercultural development. In fact Intercultural development and Intercultural dialogue is a transversal issue on which the local associations and communities are working for.

In details some activities that will be developed: fair trade organization: shop + education, share garden: taking care about garden given by municipalities to communities or poor people to do gardening (to produce fresh organic food ect…), shop of organic food at 0km: sell and distribute organic food, mediterranean workshop: to create handicraft with recycled materials

We expect that most of the participants will be active in their communities, as volunteers. We will also welcome new participants with no previous volunteering experience.

We will invest a lot of time and energy on monitoring, evaluation, dissemination of results and planning for future projects and the volunteers will be actively involved in this process.

In order to subscribe your candidature please write a motivational letter to