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Monday 22 October 2012

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Able like youThe first of September 10 volunteers came to Palermo from different countries: France, Estonia, Spain and Hungary, ready to live for 9 months a unique and unforgettable experience: “Able like you”!

Different from whom? From what? Everyone of us is able in something and unable in something else.

“Able like you” is a European Voluntary Service project that gives the opportunity, to the volunteers involved in it,  to support the local staff, offering their personal and professional contribution in the different local centers that work every day with people with mental and physical disorders.

Through their energies and their commitment, the volunteers will improve their skills in this field, they will overcome their limits and they will contribute to the social inclusion of this target who is often forced to live on the fringes of the society.

“Able like you” is a great opportunity, for the volunteers and the organizations involved, to be part of this process of social improvement that will permit both the local community and the disable people to live in harmony in a city without discrimination.