RestART Dance on canvas: interactive sensorial journey between dance and painting


13 April 2024


18:00 - 20:00


CESIE - Unità Adulti
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Do you love art and want to live a unique experience that stimulates your mind and body? Are dance or painting your passion or are you curious about it? Experience with us a sensory journey that combines the beauty of dance with the power of illustration.

We look forward to see you on saturday April 13th, 2024 at 6 pm at Centro di Musica e Danza etnica LATIDOU to celebrate the success of RestART.

You will witness a harmonious fusion between two distinctive art forms: dance and illustration. Talented illustrator, Eli Garcia, will capture the fluid movements of the skilled dancer, Soad Ibrahim, through strokes and colors, transforming the energy of movement into live visual works of art.

You can be an important part of the show and interact directly with the artists, influencing the development of the performance through your expressions and reactions.

Join the event on saturday April 13th, 2024 at 6 pm

at Centro di Musica e Danza etnica LATIDOU – via Michele Amari 13, Palermo.

Few spots available.

During the event you can learn about the outcomes of RestART, a project aimed at strengthening the key skills – both digital and transversal – of those undertaking a professional education and training (VET) path in the cultural creative sector (CCS):

  • RestART Framework. Handbook to support VET providers in designing innovative and flexible training offers for the cultural creative sector.
  • Transactional Comparative Report. Transnational comparative report containing an analysis of common trends and specific national priorities of the cultural and creative sector in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Greece and Austria.
  • MOOC-ART. Online platform through which those who work – or would like to work – in the SCC can improve their digital and transversal skills and facilitate their entry into the job market.
  • RestART kit for professional training. Containing modules for CCS trainers about: use of digital tools for virtual, remote and blended training and learning; promotion of sustainable business models; promoting inclusive approaches to VET; introduction to the GDPR and ethical issues, security and protection of personal data in VET.
  • RestART digital gallery. Collection of videos through which the protagonists provide concrete suggestions to EU policy makers on how to support professionals in the cultural and creative sector and in the VET sector.

About RestART

RestART – A digital turn to RestART creativity is a project funded by Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.


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Centro di Musica e Danza etnica LATIDOU
via Michele Amari 13, Palermo

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