Intercultural living, connecting local development and global education

Tuesday 24 February 2009

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Intercultural living, connecting local development and global education

Project duration: 12 months – Project implemented in Palermo, Italy.

Sector/area of intervention: education and cultural promotion – cultural entertainment for youth – peace education – interventions animation in the territory.


  • CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives – Palermo;
  • E.N.Gi.M. – Sicily (National Institution Josephites Murialdo, Cefalù);
  • C.S.I. (Italian Sports Centre Committee Palermo);
  • I.F.I.M. – Institute of Integrated Mediterranean Education – Palermo;
  • Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” – Partinico (PA);
  • Gaia Association – Trabia (Pa).


  • Promotion of Peace and Nonviolence, heritage of values;
  • Updating of the concept of “homeland defence”;
  • Promotion of culture of integration between religions, cultures, traditions and customs of people belonging to different ethnic groups living in the same local/urban context;
  • Promotion of processes and initiatives of legal organizations “that see young people in civil service” testimonial “of compliance and enforcement of the national civil service regulations Law 64/01;
  • Promotion of a culture of citizenship – building a culture of active participation;
  • Promotion of active minorities;
  • Contribute to personal and professional growth of participants and volunteers.


  • Participation in organisational and planning meetings, cultural events, promotional/visibility stands, organizing public events to raise awareness of citizenship rights, intercultural living, non-violence and peace;
  • Football team “CESIE ALBERGHERIA” composed by Italian and migrants children at risk of social exclusion living in the neighbourhood Albergheria, Palermo;
  • Intercultural activities and animation initiatives with local communities (movie-club, intercultural evenings, seminars, workshops);
  • Training Courses, youth exchanges and experiential courses in intercultural management and non-violent conflict;
  • Partnerships for learning and sharing of good practice in both, local and international level;
  • Development of national and international CESIE network;
  • Promotion (sending and hosting) of international mobility through European volunteering (EVS and Leonardo).